The 3 Lights Design Manifesto:

A Whole New Approach to Homemaking

What if your Architect

and your Relationship Coach

had a baby?

“It will save your marriage…Whatever project you think you’re doing it’s...not worth it unless you work with somebody who is as passionate and who’s soul is into it as 3 Lights.” -Thomas K.

The old way wasn't working.

So we created the solution.

Conventional home remodels are one of the top causes of divorce. In service to the couples and families for whom we work, we came up with a whole new approach, one that focus on building healthy relationships in the beginning, and nurturing them throughout the project.

"To do things right,

first you need love,

then technique."

-Antoni Gaudí

When you take the time to get to know someone, and get a sense of the magic that person brings to the world, trust is established, communications becomes effortless, and the perfect design seems to arise on its own.

Save Time

"[They]...really took the time to understand me and what I wanted to accomplish with the remodel. I would recommend them in a heartbeat, they were such a pleasure to work with and everything went incredibly smoothly." -Ines, Lafayette

Save Money

“...the $200k+ attic bedroom I was envisioning was totally unnecessary, because Austin was able to help me realize that we could achieve the same goal by converting the garage -- for one tenth the cost!” -Tevye, Oakland

Create a Home You Love

"As a General Contractor...I have never had such a positive experience working with a design firm...Their dedication to their clients is exceptional, and in my case, led to a complete home run of a project!"

-Dylan, Montclair

"I had plenty of worries going into my home remodel project, but after working with [Austin] for just an hour I felt much more grounded and connected to the purpose of the remodel, and was confident that he would help me make the choices that worked best for me and my family. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt confident, and lucky to have found a designer/architect who is truly looking out for me and my family." -Tevye K., Homeowner, Father of three, and Micro-Financier

How does an ordinary house become a joyful home?

" husband and I are complete opposites: I am bubbly and outgoing, and he can barely tolerate other humans. That said, while I was dubious [about the Full-Spectrum Client Intake], the interview turned out to be a HIT for both of us. Austin took an hour with my husband and I separately, asked pointed questions about the things that mattered to us, and really immersed himself into how we live as a family. That helped him assess what this [project] really meant to us and how we would use it. He therefore gave design suggestions based around that." -Dafra S., Homeowner, Mother, and Custom Wedding Dressmaker

Course Transformation

Over the next 6 weeks, you will be able to clearly identify and articulate your own design needs, as well as know best practices for caring for yourself, for your loved ones, and for the building professionals alike, and to approach the remodel process as a life-enriching journey towards a deeper, felt-sense of being at home in the world.

Such transformations will include:

  1. Knowing Yourself: Clearly understand your own wants and needs, beliefs and values for your home remodel to be a success and be able to confidently convey these wants, needs, beliefs, and values to both your partner and to the building professional alike.
  2. Knowing Your Teammates: Know how to find and build a strong and caring team of building professionals to help you realize your remodel project the in most kind, caring, and responsive way possible.
  3. Knowing The Way Home. Know how to take an active, empowered, and loving role in the designing and building of you home, and, as a result, end up with a deeper, more meaningful relationship with yourself, your partner, and the home itself by having actively participated in the process.


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  Know Yourself
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  Know Your Teammates
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  Know The Way Home
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Meet Your Instructor

I'd been a home designer in the building trades for just under a decade when the Great Recession of 2008 hit. Much of my work dried up, forcing me to look elsewhere to support my family. Having a knack for helping couples navigate the complexities of a home remodel project, I began coaching both couples and individuals. As the economy bounced back, my love of good design with my love for healthy relationships merged into the same service. Viola! 3 Lights Design and The Joyful Home Remodel were born.

Small Investment. Huge Results

"It was a privilege to welcome you to the university for the 2018 SCAD Spring Faculty Conference. I was humbled by your kind words about the university. You empowered professors to continue to create environments where creativity flourishes. Our faculty emerged with greater awareness of core human needs, both for themselves and for our cherished students. Thank you for sparking a fruitful conversation that will continue throughout the new quarter – and far beyond!" -Paula Wallace, President and Founder, The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), (No. 1 national ranking of its interior design programs 7 years in a row.)